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How Same-Day Crowns Can Transform Your Smile in Just One Visit

March 18, 2024
How Same-Day Crowns Can Transform Your Smile in Just One Visit

When you have a significant event coming up - be it a wedding, graduation, anniversary, or other celebration - you want to look your very best. No one wants to look back at event photos and feel self-conscious about their appearance, but people often do feel this way about their teeth. That’s why we suggest making a dental plan prior to these big events, organizing exactly what dental procedures you need to have done and making a schedule for them leading up to the day. Same-day dental crowns are a swift, convenient solution to achieving the ideal smile and we’re proud to offer this revolutionary service for our clients here at Altitude Dental in Mountlake Terrace, WA.

Planning Your Best Smile With a Dental Consultation: 6 Months to 1 Year Before Event

The first step in getting your smile in top shape is scheduling a consultation and exam with a qualified dental professional. During this visit, discuss your upcoming event plans with the dentist. They can then offer suggestions for services that will help get your smile aligned, bright white, and ready to steal the show. Make sure this visit is at least six months before the event date, and earlier is better, especially if you have complex dental needs.

Get With the Routine With a Dental Cleaning - 2 Months Before Event

All adults and children should be visiting the dentist at least twice each year for a thorough examination and dental cleaning. Don’t miss this crucial appointment before your upcoming event, since you’ll need a clean, healthy foundation for any future dental work you’ll have done. During this cleaning appointment, talk to the dental hygienist and/or dentist about any issues you’ve been having with your teeth, including pain, sensitivity, bad breath, or more.

The Magic of Same-Day Crowns - 1 Month Before Event

We used to suggest starting the crown process at least two months prior to any big events, mainly because crowns required at least two separate visits - one to prepare the tooth and a second to fit on the permanent crown. However, same-day crown technology, powered by AI, has hit the scene with a vengeance. Now, within just a few short hours, we can replace missing, broken, discolored teeth with a beautiful, natural-looking replacement. This shaves months off of your dental planning needs, requires less time off of work, and eliminates the need to deal with uncomfortable temporary crowns or follow strict dietary restrictions.

The benefits of same-day crowns go far beyond just saving time. If you’ve avoided getting crowns because of your dental anxiety, same-day crowns may be the solution for you. Multiple dentist visits can be just too overwhelming for clients with anxiety issues, so compacting those down into one visit is a gamechanger for these clients. It means less days of worry leading up to the visit, less stress after the visit as they know they won’t need to return anytime soon, and less disruption to their everyday life. Many people also like that same-day crowns skip the cons of the traditional crown process, such as the impression material causing soft tissue irritation and temporary crowns - which are fitted on the first visit until the permanent crown is made - being notoriously uncomfortable.

Blinded by the White: Teeth Whitening - 1 Month Before Event

The final step in your streamlined pre-event dental plan should be teeth whitening. In the last month leading up to the event, schedule a professional teeth whitening session with your dentist. They can check on your same-day crowns during the visit and make sure that they match the color or your natural teeth as closely as possible. Nothing screams confidence like a bright white, straight, and stunning smile!

Frequently Asked Questions About Same-Day Crowns

Are same-day crowns covered by insurance?

All dental insurance plans are different and offer varying coverages. You’ll need to contact your plan administrator (either through your employer or wherever you purchased your plan) to get full details on what your dental plan covers related to crowns.

Are there disadvantages to getting same-day crowns?

Just like any dental or medical procedure, there are some potential disadvantages when getting same-day crowns. The ceramic material used to make same-day crowns isn’t quite as strong as traditional metal or porcelain, so breakage may be more of a chance. Also, matching the exact color of your natural teeth can be difficult in just one visit. Finally, same-day crowns may not be right for all clients, such as those with sub-gumline tooth fractures.

Same-Day Crowns in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Same-day crowns are a technological leap for cosmetic dentistry, finally giving clients a way to vastly improve their smiles without the hassle of multiple dental visits. No matter what big event you’re planning for, a well thought out dental plan including same-day crowns is essential for looking and feeling your best when everyone is looking. For more information or to request an appointment, call us at 425-775-3446 or contact us online.

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